Friendship Case: Italy Secret UFO Contacts, Photographs Of Alien & UFO Cabin

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One of the most underrated and least discussed UFO contact cases that occurred in the past century is the “Friendship case.” The story of this case included many incidents and hundreds of witnesses that made it true. From 1956 until 1990, the Italians had been dealing with mass UFO sightings and contacts with extraterrestrials called Friends. It is noted that Italy was the hub of extraterrestrial activities with over 12,000 UFO cases that were reported in the 20th century.

According to an aerospace expert and journalist Dr. Roberto Pinotti, it all began in 1956, when some Italians were involved in regular contact with human-like entities Friends that arrived on Earth to help mankind. These beings supposedly had their bases along the coast of the Adriatic Sea in the Italian peninsula.

Dr. Roberto Pinotti
An aerospace expert and journalist Dr. Roberto Pinotti

Writer Nikola Duper claimed that he himself was involved in the contact with those beings and had a face-to-face meeting with them. According to him, the human-like extraterrestrials had come to Earth from the Milky Way and other galaxies located thousands of light-years away. He wrote that the beings lived in underground bases along the Adriatic coast at a depth of about 20 km.

Stefano Breccia
Stefano Breccia during Amicizia contacts

Author Stefano Breccia mentioned in his book “Mass Contacts” about the incident where three young boys met with the beings near Ascoli Piceno when they were heading to Rocca Pia. Breccia wrote that one of the beings was 8 feet tall. In his book “50 Years of Amicizia,” he shared a clear photograph of one tall man that was 10 feet tall and claimed he was one of the Friends.

As Breccia was an electrical engineer, he had a great interest in alien technology. In his study of Ufology, he learned many things about UFOs. In his book, he revealed that the flying saucers are not always the primary means of transport but rather functions as a temporary laboratory and base. Besides, after the mission completed, the flying saucers were often disassembled, and robots would build another one for 2 hours. He shared much technical information about the UFOs, from their navigation system to metals used to build them. Unfortunately, the tragic death of Breccia in 2012 shocked the whole UFO community.

Dr. Pinotti, who wrote several books on UFOs, spent more than 40 years in UFO research. His house in Florence is stuffed with alien memorabilia and newspaper clipping that has blurry UFO images. He is also the founder of Italy’s National UFO Centre (Centro Ufologico Nazionale).

In the fall of 2017, he shocked everyone by publishing photographs of an alien wearing dark shades and a control cabin of UFO in his book “UFO Contacts In Italy.” He claimed the photographs had been taken by two men who saw a flying saucer that landed in Francavilla, Italy on the Adriatic Coast in 1957. In his book, he described that the UFO was 24 meters wide, and the control cabin was 10 meters.

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