US Marine Sent To Mars For 17 Years To Protect Human Colonies From Martians

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In 2016, a retired US Marine gave an interview in which he stated that he had been serving 17 years not on earth but on Mars. According to the former military man, who appears to be Captain Kaye, his duties included protecting the human colonies from the unfriendly Martian population.

secret human bases on mars
Captain Kaye aka Randy Kramer

Captain Kaye said that he was one of the commanders of the secret ‘space fleet’, run by a multinational organization called the Earth Defense Force. For 17 years he spent on Mars, the man had to work with citizens of the United States, China, and Russia. The main mission of Captain Kaye was to protect five research bases built by people on the Red Planet from the aggressive indigenous residents inhabiting Mars.

For more than three years, the authorities of several countries had been preparing Captain Kaye for that difficult alien service.

secret human bases on mars
Secret human bases on mars

During this time, he learned to control three types of space fighters and the same number of bombers specially designed for warfare in airless space. The training was conducted at a secret moon base called Lunar Operations Command.

He said that he retired after 20 years serving in the marines. The bosses took his request for resignation with understanding and arranged a magnificent farewell ceremony in his honor. It was attended by many senior officials, including former US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

The story of Captain Kaye sounds strange, but he is the only person who claims that there are secret military bases on Mars.

Among others, great-granddaughter of US President Eisenhower, Laura Magdalene Eisenhower also reports that an independent Martian colony already exists.

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower
Laura Magdalene Eisenhower

She said, “I have had several meetings with extraterrestrials and for the most part they want human rights and self-determination.”

Ms. Eisenhower was recruited by the CIA in 2006 when she was 33. In order to participate in the project and become the secret settlement of Mars, she had to lower her personal life, in fact, start all over again.

She told how the secret Martian colony is financed, that money comes from the black budget, military, and intelligence sources. The base was created as a survival mechanism for the human genome in the event that solar flares, nuclear war, or any other cataclysm ends the life of a person on Earth.

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