US Homeland Security Captured Video Of UFO That Splits Into Two & Dive Into Atlantic Ocean In 2013

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The most compelling UFO case that caught the attention of a team of scientists, engineers, and former military officers is from Aguadilla, Puerto Rico when an object split into two before plunging into the ocean. The object was captured in a Homeland Security thermal video taken from an aircraft over Puerto Rico on April 25, 2013. The Scientific Coalition of UFOlogy (SCU) did a detailed analysis of the video and encouraged the disclosure of more information so that scientists could help to investigate these unexplained occurrences.

Overview of the UFO Footage

On April 25, 2013, at about 9:20 pm local time, an unknown object at a low altitude flew directly across the Rafael Hernandez airport runway at Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, causing a delayed departure of a commercial aircraft. There was no squawking transponder signal to alert the aircraft tower, nor was there any communication with the tower to prevent a dangerous situation with the departing and arriving aircraft. Fortunately, an airborne U.S. Customs and Border Protection aircraft captured the object on infrared video.

The spokesman for the SCU Jonathan Lace explained that the organization considered it the “most compelling” three-minute video of the anomalous activity taken by the Department of Homeland Security. The video detailed the flight of an unknown object that crossed into northwestern Puerto Rico from the Atlantic Ocean, traversed the Rafael Hernandez airport airspace two times, and returned to the Atlantic Ocean where it appeared to repetitively submerge.

SCU analysis

“No bird, no balloon, no aircraft, and no known drones have that capability,” the SCU noted in a 50-page report the team compiled on the incident. According to Mr. Lace, “The SCU finds the 2013 Aguadilla UAP footage to offer the most compelling evidence of unusual UAP flight characteristics.” He noted the group had “no official” position on a leading theory for UAP as questions mount over the strange encounters which are being investigated by the Pentagon.

2013 Aguadilla UFO incident
The mysterious object appears to split in two in the clip filmed in 2013Credit: SCU

The size and speed of the object were determined at points in the video when the locations of the object could be accurately determined. The object was between three to five feet in length, and its speed varied between approximately 40 mph to 120 mph. Interestingly, the object’s speed through the water did not vary as it impacted the water. Its speed through the water reached the height of 95 mph.

Witnesses’ Testimony

The thermal video was taken from a De Havilland Canada (DHC)-8 DHC-8 Turboprop aircraft that was controlled by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). The footage was leaked to the SCU by an anonymous source. It is claimed the pilots of a DHC-8 Turboprop spotted a red light over the ocean, they then contacted the control tower who told them they did not know the identity of the object, and then the object’s lights went out as it approached the shore. The plane then engaged its thermal imaging camera and went on to follow the UAP.

An anonymous email was sent to John Greenewald of Back Vault, authenticating the Aguadilla UFO video. The letter is a follows:

“Hello John, I was reading about your involvement in getting documents from the NSA concerning UFO’s. Sir, if you want undeiable proof of UFO’s on earth from a government source it is in the video below. Try a FOIA request for this video that was leaked onto youtube. I can vouch that the following video is 100% real. I am remaining anonymous to avoid government reprisals.

If you ever wanted to truly see how aliens are monitoring or studying us, and witness their technology, this is it. The video is a black and white infrared recording using an L3 MX15 EOIR camera. The IR video uses back hot, meaning the blacker something is the hotter, or fuller of energy it is. The video was leaked onto youtube because the Federal Agents who recorded it realized the Federal Government was not interested in disclosing it.

The video was recorded from the screen of a laptop using a iPhone type device. Spanish is heard as background noise to distort the leaker’s voices so they are not discovered, so disregard all audio. Lastly, the poster of the video speculates it was recorded from a CBP Blackhawk.

In reality it was recorded by a CBP DHC8 turboprop maritime patrol aircraft. This is not a maybe, this is 100% alien technology on earth, in our skies, and under our oceans. The video was taken in Aguadilla Puerto Rico, and can be verified by calling CBP Caribbean Air and Marine Branch, and Aguadilla airport control tower (the UFO was over the airport without permission and tower controllers saw it and tracked it on radar.”

A similar anonymous email was also sent to Florida MUFON State Director from Alias John Truth.

2013 Aguadilla UFO incident
Credit: SCU

Rich Hoffman, one of the co-founders of the SCU and the 26-year systems analyst for the U.S. Army, told Mystery Wire about the video: “They tried to pass it up their food chain, if you would, up to Homeland Security while the Homeland Security said ‘well,

we don’t look into this stuff, you know, you pass it down.’ They also attempted to go up to the Air Force intelligence and Air Force intelligence.”

Hoffman compared the Aguadilla UFO to the famous tic tac incident, a 2004 encounter off the coast of Southern California involving the USS Nimitz carrier group.

The evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial activities in Puerto Rico was recorded in a camera by astronaut Story Musgrave from outer space during NASA’s mission STS-80 in 1996. The video clip shows a craft, emerging out from nowhere over Puerto Rico with a speed of 680 miles per second, that disappeared into deep space.

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