Black US Soldier Was Abducted by Three Alien Species And Visited Grey Aliens Planet

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In April 2012, a video was uploaded on the Internet, where an unknown black US soldier talks about his encounter with three alien races. It looks like the video was shot at one of the US military bases with other soldiers in it.

The black man in the military uniform could be seen telling other soldiers about his repeated abductions by extraterrestrial civilizations and meetings with three different species of aliens.

Three Alien Species
Unknown black US soldier telling a story about his encounter with three different alien races in the video uploaded on YouTube in 2012

He told others that he had been firstly abducted by grey aliens (with a large head and short body), then by the tall white aliens (who were created by short grey aliens as servants), and by reptilians (like anthropomorphic lizards).

He was trying to sketch the aliens on the whiteboard behind him, but because of the poor quality of the video, it is hard to see them.

According to the military reports, the reptilians are the most aggressive and dangerous alien species, and they could be a real threat to mankind. The black soldier was convinced that they are very strong humanoids with an average height of 2 meters.

Three Alien Species
Illustration of Three Alien

According to the soldier, there had been a big war between the greys and the reptilians, and that the greys almost wiped the reptilians out.

Meanwhile, he said that the greys are kind towards humans. He had even visited the planet of grey aliens. He claimed that its atmosphere is very similar to Earth, and the air is breathable.

But the greys’ planet lies in a binary star system (with two suns like in Star Wars on the planet Tatooine), due to which their place is like a desert with a very hot climate.

Further, the soldier stated that the alien abductions are mostly done by the grey aliens, but they always return people without harming them. He even said that since the caveman days, the DNA of humans have been altered by 60-68 times to enhance and accelerate our evolution, so that we can be immune to various diseases and protect ourselves from disasters. Jesus Christ was one of those genetically modified humans.

The soldier also talked about the top-secret project supervised by the Majestic 12, in which 12 people were selected for visiting greys’ planet. They chose the best military specialists from the US Department of Defense, who had to spend 10 years on an alien planet.

According to the soldier, former US president Lyndon B. Johnson told Steven Spielberg that his film “Close encounters of the third kind” was very close to the real events.

The actual source of the video is still unknown, and the identity of the black US soldier has never been disclosed.

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