This Man was Tortured By Men In Black To Close His Study On UFOs

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The ufologist was tired, and as soon as he fell onto the bed, a telepathic message was sent to him. Albert K. Bender was the most influential urologist of the 1950s/60s. He was 95 when he died in 2016, but managed to make his own sufficient contribution to ufology and took one of the three places among the most influential scientists of the previous century.

Men In Black
Men In Black

He got his interest in UFOs after World War II. He served in the United States Air Force. The expert was considered to be one of the first people who tried to put together all the information about visits of Men in black.

He also created the first large-scale society of ufologists called the International Flying Saucer Bureau (IFSB).

The fame was brought to the scientist with a book published in 1962, “Flying Saucers and the Three Men.” He is also the author of the urological journal “Space Review” that had been released earlier.

But his work was not supported by many people. This happened in March 1953 at night, when unknown men in black entered into his home, but he did not even have time to get out of his bed.

The burglars turned out to be the Men in Black, about whom he had heard from frightened witnesses. Their eyes shone, their skin was pale, they were dressed in white shirts, black shoes, and suits of the same color.

He described his encounter with MIB, saying that he had been trembling and feeling cold. As a result, he received that telepathic message.

Men In Black
Men In Black

Their main condition was that the scientist would never again touch on the topic of UFOs, otherwise, he could regret it. Then they turned around and left the house. The researcher took their words seriously but did not quit his job, because the phenomena associated with UFOs were part of his life.

The nightly aliens returned to him for the second time and his condition worsened again. It seemed that they were fishing out energy from him, but this time a lot more than the first. He was running out of strength. This visit gave the researcher stomach pain and frequent migraines.

According to Albert, during their second visit, the eyes of the visitors burned brighter and looked with greater threat. The second time he missed the message, and when the MIB came again, the ufologist felt very bad. He was very thin, there were problems with his psyche and eyesight. He fancied that these pursuers were everywhere, and not just at his home.

He saw them on the street in a dark alley. Finally, Bender decided to give up and left the study of UFOs. He closed the book, the bureau and until the end of his days, no longer returned to this topic. Naturally, after that, his health condition got better.

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