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Without a doubt, as far as scientific achievements go there will never be one more significant than the Apollo missions from back in 1969. During this time period, NASA organized flights to the Moon and they even had plans to colonize it with their own and eventually turn the Moon into a base but their plans were canceled for seemingly no reason.

Edgar Mitchell's Cosmic Epiphany - The New York Times
Edgar Mitchell

They declared that although they came across no life signs on the Moon, they will continue to research it from afar. If this really were such an incredible discovery then why haven’t we come back though?

Doctor Edgar Mitchell, one of the astronauts that were a part of the Apollo 14 mission actually talked in-depth about why this is and more importantly why we will never return again.

He said that upon arriving on the surface of the satellite it became quite clear that the Moon was already inhabited by another race as there was a huge base on the dark side of the Moon waiting for them.

This base was so scary and technologically advanced that we would stand no chance against them if they so much as chose to use one percent of their technological prowess to decimate us.

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He said that the new statements that we will return soon to the Moon are all fake, as they are simply trying to cover up for the mistakes they’ve made in the past and completely fake the Moon landing after all so that people never expect the truth.

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