Proof for Time Travel or Parallel Universe? Mysterious “Alien-Natzi” Coin Found in Mexico (VIDEO) – The Strange Tales

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Diego Aviles claims he discovered the piece of metal while working on a construction site.

And after he examined it, he was left shocked.

On the bottom of the item the numbers 2039 were displayed – suggesting it was from more than 20 years in the future.

And just above that, the Reichsadler Nazi Party symbol can be observed below the words “Nueva Alemania” – which translates to New Germany.

The flip side reads: “Alies in einer nation” meaning all in one nation.

WW3? the coin has sparked conspiracies (Image: THE HIDDEN UNDERBELLY 2.0)

It was originally shared by the man on his YouTube page on February 6.

But it has picked up popularity after being shared on popular conspiracy theory page The Hidden Underbelly 2.0.

The video is titled: “A coin discovered from a parallel universe found in our timeline.”

Since it was uploaded, viewers were left speculating what it could be.

The mystery of the Nazi coin that came from the year 2039

One comment read: “Is it from a parallel universe or is it from an altered time line?”

And another claimed: “Germany will be the centre of the upcoming WW3, the prophecy is that the Nazis from Antarctica will intervene at the height of the war and will liberate Germany and the rest of the world.

Some say that it is not about time travel, or something from a parallel universe – but it is about proof that the Nazis had contact with Aliens, and the Aliens had the technology to create and research parallel time streams. According to this theory, the coin is evidence of the existence of one of the holodecks, where it was something like a prop.”

The “find” has sparked theories similar to the premise of Philip K Dick’s alternative history novel Man in the High Castle, which revolves around what life would be like if the Nazis won World War 2.

It has since been turned into a television series.

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