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A ‘former CIA agent’ has shared a shocking deathbed confession – saying that Area 51 is real and that he went there and saw real-life aliens. The anonymous 77-year-old man spoke to UFO researcher Richard Dolan and award-winning documentary maker Jeremy Corbell during a sit-down interview where he lifted the lid on top-secret government projects.

He made claims about the infamous Area 51, as the Daily Star reports, said he’d seen UFOs in the flesh, and confirmed the existence of extraterrestrials. He gave the sensational interview after allegedly being warned to stop sharing confidential information as he thought he would soon pass away.

A scene from the groundbreaking interview with the ‘former CIA agent’ (

Image: Citizen Hearing on UFO Disclosure/YouTube)

The anonymous agent was concerned about sharing his true identity, so simply went by “The Anonymous” during the interview.

He claimed that he worked for the CIA between 1957 and 1960, as Hows and Whys report, where he spent time in a military base in the South East of the USA where they analysed physical evidence.

Journalist Linda Moulton Howe interviewed the man in 1998, and in 11 hours of audio tapes, where he went by the name “agent Kewper”, he shared secrets that were supposed to be confidential.

Following the interview, he was allegedly warned not to do any more by the CIA.

But, in 2013, fearing he might soon pass away, he came out of hiding for one more conversation, this time with Dolan.

The man who claims to be a former CIA agent

The man claimed to have seen living aliens (


Citizen Hearing on UFO Disclosure/YouTube)

He also claimed there were live aliens there and that he was taken to the S-4 facility Area-51. Here he claimed he saw “live extraterrestrials”.

He said: “It took us 13 or 15 miles south to s4, and like different garage door openings, and in these garage door openings they had like different saucer crafts.

“The very first one had (the) Roswell craft and it was kind of crashed up but apparently, every alien that was in it died except for a couple… The Roswell craft was really strange because it looked like really heavy aluminium foil.

“We could walk next to it and the whole thing probably weighed 150-300 pounds.”

Kewper continued: “At s4 we viewed the autopsy film and then the colonel said what we’ve got in here is we’re interviewing a grey alien.

“We had no idea we were going to see the real thing, all we saw was the film.

“It didn’t look human as far as the skin tone and basically the shape of it, and the size – how its head size compared with a normal human.

“For example, the brain was kind of a little bit bigger and the nose was very, very small and the ears were just like holes and the mouth was very small.”

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