Mysterious Object Emerging From Snow In Antarctica Aliens Or Natural Phenomenon?


The discovery made by the conspiracy theorist has made many people believe that aliens are secretly living in Antarctica on hidden bases.
Popular conspiracy theorist ‘MrMBB333’ recently released a mysterious video that shows a dark object emerging from the thick snows of Antarctica.

In his video uploaded to YouTube, the conspiracy theorist revealed that he made this discovery using Google Earth.

The mystery around the object continues

The creepy object discovered by the conspiracy theorist looks completely out of place, and the YouTuber claimed that this unknown object could be at least 300 meters wide. The conspiracy theorist added that this object may have resurfaced due to melting glaciers in the area.

“Something seems to be in the ice and snow in Antarctica. It looks like it might have been flying at the time it was taken. It doesn’t appear to be a shadow, nor does it appear to be solo. And it looks totally out of place. It doesn’t look like it belonged there. It looks like it was cleverly designed,” the conspiracy theorist said in the YouTube video. After analyzing the object from different angles, the YouTuber also made it clear that heat signals are coming out of the object.

UFO or natural phenomenon?

As the video uploaded by MrMBB333 went viral in online spaces, many people started to complain. That this object could actually be a secret alien craft apparently resurfacing from a classified base under the ice. “This is the same symbol in the shape of some of your photos that people are seeing in the sky,” commented Debbie Kane, a YouTube user.

“The only place where Govs can do whatever they want. While we’re all focused on holidays, football games, racial tensions and politics as we stare at our phones drinking fluoride. Everyone else down there. Alien bases of genetically modified dinosaurs and humans,” commented Drewski Senopole, another YouTuber. However, skeptics argue that this dark object could be the tip of a giant rock poking out of the ice due to melting glaciers. And they believe that this is a completely natural phenomenon.


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