In the land of European pyramids: Mysterious lights captured by a camera over the capital of the Balkan state of Bosnia

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A storm followed by rain, lightning and thunder last night hit the city of Sarajevo. Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, one of the European capitals in the Balkans.

There are other wonders in the land of alleged European pyramids (presented to the public by archaeologist Semir Osmanagić) – in the first place there are large stone balls scattered throughout Bosnia (such balls are present around the world, and the most famous are stone balls from Costa Rica.

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Another strange thing happened last night in this wonderland in the hilly Balkans. A woman from Sarajevo was filming a storm over her city when she noticed a strange phenomenon in the sky.

Namely, at one point in the sky you can see a series of luminous objects that stand in a straight line.

At the tenth second in the video, unknown luminous objects appear in the upper right corner, and are seen for a few seconds. The reader tried to zoom in on the spot where she spotted the objects, however they no longer appeared.

Some claim that these are Star Link satellites, the network of millionaire Elon Musk. Others argue that the location of the facilities proves that the video is not satellites but UFOs. Watch the video and tell us what you think about this phenomenon.


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