Space hotel could open its doors in 2027

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One forward-thinking company is planning to build and launch a rotating space hotel with artificial gravity.

The ambitious orbital outpost, which will be known as the Voyager Class space station, has the potential to be not only the largest, but also the most luxurious off-world habitat ever built.

The station will consist of two concentric rings, with the inner ring being used for docking and the outer ring providing “mounting for habitable modules, solar panels, radiators, and a rail transport system.”

These modules will have multiple uses too, with some being dedicated to guest quarters and others being sold to space agencies and private firms for science and research.

The guest modules will be particularly opulent, offering furnished bedrooms, a gym, restaurant, bar and other facilities designed to make the facility a home away from home.

The entire station will even rotate to “produce varying levels of artificial gravity by increasing or decreasing the rate of rotation.”

According to the company behind the project – Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC) – the hotel will begin construction in 2025 with a tentative completion date of 2027.

“The station will be designed from the start to accommodate both national space agencies conducting low gravity research and space tourists who want to experience life on a large space station with the comfort of low gravity and the feel of a nice hotel,” the company wrote.

But just how feasible is such an extravagant space station within such a short time frame ?

While the concept of a space hotel has been around for a while, nobody has yet built one, not even on a small scale. As things stand, building and launching something like the Voyager Class station within as little as six years certainly seems like a tall order.


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