Mystery of ‘cube’ on the Moon has been solved

Chưa phân loại
China’s Yutu-2 rover has determined the nature of a mystery cube-shaped object that was photographed last month.

The latest in a long line of anomalous objects spotted in photographs taken on the lunar surface, the peculiar cube-shaped object generated a great deal of speculation back in December.

The fact that it was situated on the hidden far side of the Moon only served to heighten the mystery, with Chinese scientists opting to send the rover all the way across the crater to investigate.

Now, at last, after more than a month of trundling across the lunar regolith, the Yutu-2 rover has finally determined exactly what the mystery object actually is… and yes, it’s a rock.

Its cube-like appearance was seemingly down to a chance arrangement of light and shadow.

To further emphasize how things can look like other things, there had also been reports that the ‘cube’ was in fact ‘rabbit-shaped’ – or at least that’s how it had appeared as the rover had gotten nearer.

The scattered stones in front of it were also reported to have resembled a carrot.

As the close-up image below proves, however, it really is nothing more than a bog-standard rock.

A close-up of the rock.

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