Is there an ‘anti-universe’ that runs backwards in time ?

Chưa phân loại

A radical new theory aims to solve many of the universe\’s biggest mysteries, including dark matter.

The fact that time moves forward is about as fundamental as it gets, but what if there existed an \’anti-universe\’ – a mirror image of our own universe which runs backwards, rather than forwards in time.

In a new study, scientists have put forward the idea that this counterpart to our own universe could help to balance out phenomena which appear inherently unbalanced from our perspective and to explain various long-running mysteries such as the exact nature of dark matter and dark energy.

The anti-universe would be the stark opposite of everything in our own universe, a place in which time runs backwards – where every positive charge is negative and every negative charge is positive.

But if such an \’anti-universe\’ actually existed, would we be able to see any evidence of it ?

Perhaps not directly, but the study authors suggest that learning more about neutrinos could potentially provide indications that this theory is not as \’out there\’ as it sounds.

As things stand, however, there is no way to definitively confirm its existence.

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