Moon-Sized UFO Visited Solar System In 1980s And Gave USA Anti-Gravity Technology

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Pete Peterson is one of the most mysterious personalities in human history. This man was one of the leading experts in secret operations of the US military-industrial complex. His testimonies force a change in his perception of the world.

Moon-Sized UFO Visited Solar System
The Ascension Mysteries

David Wilcock, the author of the acclaimed book “The Ascension Mysteries,” actively collected information on secret government developments. In 2009, Wilcock met Pete Peterson. His knowledge of many developments and projects was extremely surprising, and some stories literally terrified Wilcock.

The rumors and intentions about creating special US space forces are ongoing in the world press. However, in fact, they existed long time ago, and the level of technology is an order of magnitude superior to our ideas.

According to Peterson, the US government has had full-fledged camouflage technology for more than 30 years. It is used almost universally, both for hiding planes and spaceships. Pete was surprised when he saw flying aircraft carriers from films like “Avengers,” because they were very similar to those that he personally developed!

According to Peterson, on the basis of alien technology, the government built 6 large cigar-shaped ships resembling “Heighliner” from Frank Herbert’s “Dune” novel. The length of one ship was 2.5 football fields.

For such spaceships, an advanced navigation system was used, operating on the latest chip. Peterson was also involved in its development. The computing unit had 128 cores and used the effect of quantum tunneling. The speed of computing is amazing. The chip solved the tasks in minutes that a modern supercomputer will solve for weeks.

Pete Peterson personally witnessed a visit of an alien ship to the solar system. In the mid-1980s, long-range monitoring stations detected an unknown object entering our system, which was comparable in size to the moon. The ship resembled a huge sphere, along the perimeter of which portals were located. Various ships periodically flew out of them, exploring the planets of the solar system.

One of those ships was shot down, after which it was moved to Area 51. Apparently, the big spaceship was an automatic station. It had been in the orbit of Jupiter for a short time, after which it mysteriously left our system.

According to Peterson, the US government received anti-gravity technology from that alien ship which was shot down. It is used for flights of huge flying aircraft carriers and sending materials to “cigar-shaped” ships located in highly elliptical orbits.

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