An Alien Creature Was Seen In the Forest Of Argentina

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A photograph of an alien creature taken with a mobile phone camera in Corrientes, Argentina, caused a heated debate.

Alien Creature
Alien creature photo shot in the forest of Argentina

According to the Daily Star, many locals in Corrientes from Argentina called the police to report strange things happening in the forest.

When the police went to the forest to check the information, they photographed an alien creature. Then it fled to a nearby river, and the police lost it.

Government officials say the photo of an alien is a hoax, and this story is a fake. The photograph of an alien creature is considered to be a modified version of an alien that can be seen in the movie “Signs.”

However, many people in Argentina argue that this is a proof that aliens live on Earth.

One resident said: “The photo is shocking. This may be the best evidence that aliens live among us. When the police arrived, they very slowly approaching this strange creature and took a picture.”

Meanwhile, Paranormal researcher Malcolm Robinson, who posted the photo, also said that this is evidence that the aliens on Earth.

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