Nordic Aliens Abducted Mexican Man And Took Him Outside Solar System For Several Days

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In the early morning of January 1, 1954, a Mexican man named Armando Surbaran encountered Nordic-looking aliens while driving his car along a dark road from Mexico City to Acapulco to meet a business partner.

Because of the dangerous mountain passes, Armando had to focus on the road and was alert all the time. Suddenly, he saw something bright in front of his car, which made him very sleepy & tired. Therefore, he stopped his car on the side of the road to take a break for a minute and after that, the most exciting alien abduction started.

While resting in his car, he saw a bright metallic disc, hovering low above the road, in front of him. Then, he noticed two tall figures that were standing on each side of the road. They were in jumpsuits with wide belts around their waists. The aliens looked like Nordics, and their hairs were very long.

Acapulco alien encounter
Armando Surbaran encountered Nordic aliens while from Mexico City to Acapulco to meet a business partner in 1954/ Image credit:

While figuring out the situation and understanding the nature of these strange creatures, Armando suddenly felt that he has no control over his body and started walking toward these figures in a hypnotic state.

As he got closer, he found out that they looked androgynous with fair skin, blue eyes, and blond hair. The aliens approached the man quickly and took him to their ship. Armando asked them why he had been brought there. One of the aliens replied to him in Spanish, saying:

“You are neither the first nor last earthman to be chosen for testing. Our task, slow though it may seem, is designed to persuade. We choose the likeliest, most malleable persons for contact so that they might better transmit our messages.”

Armando could not understand what were they trying to say in the cryptic messages, but then these two began to show him a series of images from his life. He felt it like a dream, but all the moments of life were playing on the wall of the spaceship. He got to remember some memories of life which he had forgotten.

Armando thought that either the aliens scanned his brain or followed him since he had been a child. Then the broadcast stopped, and Armando was told that their ship is not on Earth but far away from the solar system.

This surprised Armando, as he did not feel the ship’s movement at all. Aliens told him that it was because they used a “gravitational repulsion” system. Besides, the ship had a special defense system that could destroy any space debris if it was in the flight path. All this sounds like the stories told by whistleblowers and UFO researchers about the propulsion systems received by the US government in the alien vehicles.

Acapulco alien encounter
Armando learned that Nordic aliens had a lifespan of at least 250 years and milk was the popular drink on their home planet.

Armando tried to see the outside of the ship, but he saw only a gray mist and darkness. The Nordics asked him if he wanted to go to their planet, but he rejected their offer and asked them to take him back to Earth. Then they just proceeded with the ship in the space for several days.

Meanwhile, Armando analyzed the ship, and he was even allowed to walk on the ship and consider how everything was arranged there. He was particularly impressed by the bathroom: “I shall never be able to forget it. That bathroom was a new and unimaginable experience for me.” He was even allowed to take the shower with liquid soap.

Armando said that all his days on the ship, he had eaten food with Nordics which was quite similar to what we eat on Earth. There was meat, vegetables, cheese, butter, and mango as the main fruit in their diet. The aliens told him that milk is the most common drink on their home planet. The most interesting part about the food was that it had been teleported each time by a teleporting beam from an unknown external source.

During his conversation with the Nordic aliens, he learned that the average lifespan of them was 250 years. They lived in a big society where everyone was treated equally, and their beliefs were based on some sort of religion. The aliens told him about the supreme entity which they called “The Master” or also “The Beloved Number Nine,” who ruled them and maintained harmony in their society for thousands of years.

After a few days, the aliens told Armando that his time was over and he was returned to the place where his car had been parked. When the aliens drove him back to Earth and flew away, he realized that he had gone only for 90 minutes.

He didn’t even miss a meeting with his business partner. For a long time, Armando was silent about his encounter with aliens, trying to believe that it was just a dream.

But 15 years later, in 1969, he was once driving along a road near Mexico City and picked up a hitchhiker who looked like a typical Norwegian. He was thin, blond, and had blue eyes. Armando immediately remembered everything that had happened to him. The hitchhiker admitted that he had been among the crew of the same ship.

Interestingly, throughout the 1950s, there were many stories about encounters with the Nordics: beautiful people with blond hair and blue eyes.

All the information in this report would be written by such UFO researchers as Albert Rosales, Scott Corrales, Ed Komarek, and Marcus.

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