A Case of Alien Abduction in Alaska PLUS Insiders Tell UFO Secrets Hiding in Plain Sight

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Part of what I do as a UFO/Alien researcher is to peruse the field for new incidents or notable and new information about the phenomena.
I do so daily, and on good days, I find information that I think is worthy of sharing with you, my readers.
Alaskan Alien Abduction & Deep Inside UFO Deep State
Here are two brand-new Episodes I discovered:
One describes the chilling experience of an Alaskan military couple who were stopped by a UFO on a deserted road, the other is an excellent deep dive into what the government knows about UFOs and isn’t telling you from the eyes and mouths of — sometimes anonymous — Deep State UFO experts and witnesses.
Couple Share Encounter With Potential UFO | Aliens In Alaska, Courtesy of Quest TV

UFO Secrets Revealed | Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation (S1, E1) | Full Episode, Courtesy of the History Channel.

When UFOs Attack — Documented Cases of Hostile Alien EncountersAbout Chet Dembeck
Chet is an award-winning print journalist who has covered technology, government, and the Pentagon for various news organizations in the Baltimore/Washington corridor for more than a decade. Chet has completed stints as a reporter for the Washington Business Journal, the Federal Times, and the Baltimore Daily Record.

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