Former World Bank executive: “Non-human creatures control the World”

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The idea that a shadowy organization governs the world has been around for a while.
The elite, however, are not from this planet, according to a senior executive who has recently broken her silence.

One of the oldest and most well-known conspiracy theories of all describes a potential group that controls our entire society and has influential positions in the economics, religion, industries, and the entertainment industry.

A former Planet Bank official decides to break the taboo and openly admit that not only does this elite exist, but that they do not belong to this world, giving this thesis much more credibility despite the fact that many people reject it.

Who is Karen Hudes?

Up until 2007, Karen Hudes had a position of responsibility in the World Bank’s Treasury Division.
She lists a law degree from Yale University and an economics degree from the University of Amsterdam on her resume.

He worked for the Export-Import Bank of the United States in addition to the World Bank, including in the organization’s legal division.

Until she was fired as legal counsel in 2007, Hudes had a flawless career and was held in the highest regard during her 20 years of employment at the World Bank.

The cause?

Call attention to the world’s ruling elite’s corruption and its potential non-human source.

Hude’s statements

“Non-human creatures with elongated heads and an IQ over 150 control the Vatican and the world bank.”

Hudes used these comments to launch her public criticism of what she had seen firsthand while serving as a legal counselor for the World Bank.

Extraterrestrial beings have been found for years in fairly significant positions of authority, according to the lawyer and economist.

He affirms that they are referred to as “Homo-Capensis” and that they are not of the human race.

Before the ice age, these creatures lived side by side with people for a very long time.

Hudes claimed in an interview with the news outlet Next News Network that, despite not previously believing in any of that, he started looking into it and discovered that there was historical proof of creatures similar to those who would live with strangers today.

Hudes is not the first to criticize this, despite the fact that her statements have generated considerable interest across the globe and the desire of television networks to interview her.

In 2014, Paul Hellyer, a former Canadian minister of defense, made some remarks in which he asserted that extraterrestrial beings are in contact with the American administration.

To gain dominance on the earth, we may have control over a sizable portion of the corporate, financial, and religious organizations of the world.

The idea holds that the purpose of controlling these institutions is to use debt to enslave people.
They aim to force all governments and politicians to forgo large monetary contributions that would otherwise be used to support their political campaigns.

The fact is, it is really difficult to learn about this because this elite also controls the media and entertainment industries.

It is evident that the goals of people who oversee our most significant institutions drive how they operate.
The words made by Hudes are but another grain in the big hourglass that will mark the beginning of society’s awakening.


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