NASA releases audio clips recorded on Mars

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The eerie sound of the wind blowing across the surface of Mars can be heard in a recently released clip.

The rover, which landed on the surface of the Red Planet back in February, has since started exploring its immediate surroundings and we’ve already seen some impressive images of its new home.

Most recently, the inquisitive rover has, for the first time, deployed its SuperCam instrument which can identify different types of rocks from a distance by firing a laser at them.

While this instrument was also used to great effect by the Curiosity rover, unlike its predecessor the Perseverance rover also has a built-in microphone that can record the sounds of the laser in action.

In addition to providing some interesting audio, this also provides scientists with useful information.

“If we tap on a surface that is hard, we will not hear the same sound as when we fire on a surface that is soft,” said Naomi Murdoch from the National Higher French Institute of Aeronautics and Space.

“Take for example chalk and marble. These two materials have an identical chemical composition (calcium carbonate), but very different physical properties.”

Now three new audio clips have been released – one of the general background noise of Mars, one of the wind recorded acoustically and the third being the sound of the laser tool in action.

The sound of the wind gusting across the Martian surface is particularly eerie.

You can check out all three clips in the video below.

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