Moon ‘wobble’ will cause flooding in 2030s

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NASA has warned that higher tides, coupled with sea-level rise, will lead to a \’double whammy\’ of flooding.

Flooding has been getting worse in many parts of the world over the last few years, leading to countless homes being evacuated and billions of dollars worth of damage in the US alone.

Sadly, according to a recent report by NASA, the problem is likely to get much worse by the 2030s.

The reason for this lies in a combination of two factors – one being sea-level rise due to climate change and the other being high tides caused by the \’wobble\’ of the Moon as it orbits the Earth.

This phenomenon occurs because the Moon\’s angle relative to the equator changes over time, which influences the ebb and flow of the Earth\’s tides throughout regular cycles lasting 18.6 years.

“We\’re going to have sort of a double-whammy,” said oceanographer William Sweet of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

“It means that coastal communities – unless they adapt and fortify – are likely to expect even greater flooding than they might otherwise.”

According to the report, which was published by the NASA Sea Level Change Team at the University of Hawaii, the most pronounced effects will be felt from the 2030s and into the 2040s.

After that, the cycle will shift again, resulting in lower tides.

As things stand, however, some of the effects of these events can already be felt today.

“It\’s already occurring now, and they\’re likely to continue to worsen as time goes on,” said Sweet.

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