Kecksburg UFO festival returns after two-year hiatus

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Pennsylvania\’s most iconic U̳F̳O̳ incident is to be honored once again 57 years after the event itself took place.

The incident began on December 9, 1965 when thousands of witnesses across several states observed a peculiar fireball that dropped “hot metal debris” as it blazed through the heavens.

Despite the sightings being fairly widespread, however, it was the small town of Kecksburg in Pennsylvania that would become most closely associated with the incident.

It started when a young local boy claimed to have seen the object landing in nearby woods and his mother later reported it to the authorities when she saw strange blue wisps rising from the trees.

Several locals, including members of the fire department, went out to investigate the scene and found an odd acorn-shaped object the size of a small car with strange writing on its surface.

Within a short space of time there were reports of an intense military presence at the crash site with army officials ordering civilians away from the scene while the object was being loaded onto a truck.

The incident was later played down as nothing more than a meteor impact, however many people still believe that the military had been covering up something a lot more significant.

To this day, no definitive explanation for what happened has ever been found.

So enduring is the mystery surrounding the incident, in fact, that a festival is still held in Kecksburg each year to celebrate its significance to the local area and to renew efforts to find out exactly what happened.

Although it was delayed for two years due to the coronavirus pandemic, the festival is returning this year and will help to raise money for the local fire department.

A news report covering the event can be viewed below.

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