ᴀ ɢɪᴀɴᴛ sᴛʀᴀɴɢᴇ-sʜᴀᴘᴇᴅ ᴜғᴏ ᴡᴀs ᴄᴀᴘᴛᴜʀᴇᴅ ɪɴ ᴀʟᴛᴀɪ


The mysterious object was noticed by eyewitnesses on the way to the village of Ust-Koksa, reports Russian news website esoreiter.ru.

An unidentified flying object (U̳F̳O̳) of huge size got into the camera of a smartphone in Gorny Altai. This is reported in the Instagram community Barnaul.Insta.

“Some kind of crap is hanging. Here it is hanging… big. What is – is not clear. The clouds are definitely not like that” – the author of the video comments on what is happening.

This video caused a heated discussion among the subscribers of the community.

The Altai Republic is a republic of Russia located in southern Siberia. It is the least-populous republic of Russia and federal subject in the Siberian Federal District.

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